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Future technology

We have seen the advent of self-driving cars and the Internet of Things. But product surveillance has not changed in 30 years. Now, Noccela brings surveillance to your mobile using reliable cloud-based technology.

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Noccela in a nutshell

Today, electronic article surveillance is outdated and inefficient. Only 2% of shoplifters get caught. Better product protection can help detect a theft before a product leaves your store. It’s also crucial for securing future sales. If something is stolen, not only does the store lose the profit but also a potential future sale to an honest customer.

With Noccela, your surveillance and customer service match your store’s layout. You will be able to control your store from a bird’s-eye view, seeing the entire store mapped on your mobile.

Here’s what you get with Noccela:

  • Real-time positioning information turned into alerts and understandable graphics
  • The world’s first product surveillance system on a mobile device
  • A new and easy way to deter shoplifters and avoid the shrinkage they cause
  • Improved customer service

The value of location is greater than ever before.

Noccela as a company

We believe that brick-and-mortar stores can be more competitive. They can prevent losses by reducing shrinkage caused by shoplifters and selling more items to honest customers. Noccela can help them do this through real-time indoor positioning tools and cloud technology.

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