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Smart Healthcare

The benefits of a smart security system become most apparent in healthcare, senior- and childcare. When the real-time IoT solutions can keep the patients, senior citizens, and children safe every second and tirelessly, the nursing and caring professionals can focus more on more sophisticated tasks on daily basis. Not only it improves the quality of the profession and life for them, the organizations can optimize their resources and gain more control over related costs.

Hospital Applications

Capture and analyze various parameters to create comprehensive insights into healthcare professionals’ interactions with patients. Most importantly, do it the most cost-efficient way using edge-computing by the interacting tracking devices; proximity detection and duration recording.

  • Locate the patients and the staff in real-time.
  • Improve the quality of life and the safety of patients and the staff.
  • Enhance organizational agility to comply with ever-evolving state regulations.
  • Keep track of medical devices and tools to ensure proper care and maintenance.
  • Enable real-time wireless transfer of machine data of medical devices.
  • Improve service levels with quicker responses to incidents and alerts.
  • Open windows for AI integration.
  • Deliver substantial cost savings through digitalizing data generation.
Senior care

Senior care homes need to deal with increasing number of inhabitants with limited staff resources. With Noccela’s technology, enable a complete view of the situation where the inhabitants are located in real-time.

  • Locate elderly patients for safety and the staff for better service.
  • Enable notifications to the staff on motionless and lying-on-the-floor elderly patients.
  • Use wireless call-buttons for more convenient help calling.
  • Improve patients’ quality of life and visitors’ experience by gaining more confidence to keep more doors open.
  • Define alarm zones to humanely restrict different kinds of patients in certain zones for everyone’s safety.
Сhild care

Ensure children’s safety and improve their experiences growing up with real -time tracking in daycare centers and indoor parks.

  • Grant the children more independence by enabling seamless tracking and defining alarm zones.
  • Enable notifications to the staff when boundaries are breached.
  • Gamify the indoor amusement park experience with data on highest jumps etc.