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Noccela Real-time Location System serves any kind of indoor application that requires location-aware IoT services. The solution uses Ultra-wide Band (UWB) radio technology which, when coupled with the in-house algorithms, offers the best positioning accuracy and speed in the industry.
The solution employs a cloud-supported positioning engine, to where the Noccela tracking devices send the positioning coordinates via Noccela beacons. The positioning engine performs the actual calculations, and the requested information is returned for analysis and action via third-party API.

Positioning as a Service


Noccela Positioning as a Service model is a complete bundle of tracking devices, beacons, network infrastructure, and cloud services. A local server can also be set up if required. The user interfaces include web portals and mobile app designed for different user groups and Application Protocol Interface (API) is available for integration with external systems such as IoT platforms.
Positioning as a Service really starts with you as our partner to create new solutions. Combining your knowledge about your specific industry and its needs with our positioning and data expertise, we can make high-tech history together.

Noccela system
  • Track both personnel and assets.
  • Support for wireless location aware call-buttons.
  • Cloud-based control of the entire infrastructure.
  • Two-way communication between the devices and the cloud.
  • Web portal and mobile interfaces.
  • Peer-to-peer radio communication between the tracking devices.
  • Geo-fencing based RTLS triggers.
  • Notification center for alerting and communication.
  • Ablility to trigger visual and audible alerts on tracking devices.