Smart Factory

Industrial sites are on a quest for automation and digitalization and you can speed up this transformation with Noccela’ s RTLS technology and professional guidance. While a lot is being talked about Smart Factory, Industry 4.0 and LEAN processes, it may be difficult to determine how to best get started with digitalizing operations. The solution is easy to deploy with one or two functions and expand on the way as the vision matures. Commonly used starting points of our customers have been forklift tracking, automated (paperless) work order, first-in first-out automation, and logistical challenges of tracking assets.

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Smart Retail

Noccela’s industrial expertise started from developing a smart retail RTLS solution. The key to the favored solution is seamlessness, that does the surveillance job without obstructing the customer experience, rather improving it. Digitalize and promote your shop floor sales operations and enable smart theft prevention With Noccela EAS solution.

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Smart Healthcare

The best benefits that a smart security system can deliver lies in healthcare, senior- and childcare. When the real-time IoT solutions can keep the patients, senior citizens and the children safe every second and tirelessly, the nursing and caring professionals can focus more on more sophisticated tasks in daily basis. Not only it improves the quality of the profession and life for them, the organizations can optimize their resources and gain more control over related costs.

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Smart Analytics

Location data can be leveraged as analytical data for many uses such as sports and wellbeing, in which Noccela has great expertise. The basic data such as positions, associated time stamps, proximity measurements, distances and speeds and can be used to determine performance and even health information of the tracked. Such data can be collected in real-time without having to subject to test phases. Then the solution can be part of the activity and continuous, without any extra effort.

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