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operatons in wood processing factory

World’s largest digitalization of wood processing factory

Noccela UWB RTLS solution was offered for enhancing factory automation. The two main services the solution offers are digitalizing operational information and providing data for analytics for the sole benefit of improving operational efficiency of the manufacturing floor. Digitalizing stock information leads the customer save time and costs whilst the analytics data provides the customer the ability to make fact-based decisions to optimize resources. Read more

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Helsinki_Duty_Free_nose_front. UWB retail perfumes security

Sold, not stolen: Perfume protection with Noccela

Merchandise such as perfumes are too small or luxurious to attach a security tag. So how to prevent thefts when merchandise has no security protections and the activity lasts less than 5 seconds taking as many items as a shelf-sweep gesture can grab? Noccela has developed protection to fill this gap in the retail security market. Read more

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Goal keeper hitting away a ball. UWB sports performance.

Improved positioning for football analytics

Noccela positioning capabilities were developped upto tracking player performance of sports such as soccer, with the partner of the football application: Spåt positioning. Read more

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