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Enabling location intelligence with Noccela as a partner is easier than imagined! Here are some guidelines.


Consultation – Lean production,
digitalization, and IoT

Have us over for a one-day Lean production workshop, and get an estimation of the benefits you can unlock through digitizing processes and operations, gathering real-time data on performance, and simplifying lean production practices.

Our experts will visit your site, perform a needs assessment, identify gaps in digitalization where IoT can be applied, provide an overview of possible methods and their integration with existing systems and recommend the next steps.

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Solution design and technology development


Noccela is an IoT technology partner that provides location data as the core, with additional sensory capabilities. Ask us about the existing sensors in the system, and how we use them in different use cases.

  • Introduce us your solutions platform, and become a partner.
  • Or let us recommend you a suitable solutions platform/ a systems integrator from our partner network.
  • Bring forward new development requirements to enable as new features!

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Radio and installation planning

The UWB radio network that serves as infrastructure to the IoT system is planned optimally per customer case. The solution requirements and the environmental factors mainly determines the number of beacons necessary, and the suggested installation positions. Noccela provides radio planning, and installation tools and consultation as a service.
Check out the beacon planning tool for a preliminary estimation of the number of beacons- we can cover your site for as little as 2€/m2 !

Contact us for the total cost of ownership estimations and installation consultation.

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Hardware delivery

Whether a proof of concept, a pilot, or a contract, the project commisioning starts with the the systems integration, and the hardware installation at the site. The hardware products are sent to the site using a freight partner by Noccela or a locally available distribution partner. Ask us about the stock availability, delivery lead times, and the distribution partners.

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Training and orientation

The system is quite simple, discreet, and reliable, that it does not require any significant maintenace efforts. The radio network’s health is monitored and maintained by Noccela customer support, however, the users of the system will be properly introduced to and familiarized with it. It will only take one day in most cases.

Solution support
and incident management

The support offering by Noccela is focused around the radio network and the data services delivered. The uptime and the quality of the service is targeted and proven to be minimum 95%.

maintenance and support
  • 1 year hardware warranty.
  • Periodic delivery of the cloud software and device firmware updates.
  • Beacon installation plan with redundancy/backup.
  • Automated email notifications of battery statuses of the tags.
Incident management and SLA
  • Fixing and replacement of physically damaged beacons, and tags.
  • Fixing device firmware and cloud software malfunctions.