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Smart Retail

Noccela’s industrial expertise began from developing a smart retail RTLS solution. The key to the favored solution is seamlessness, which does the surveillance job without obstructing the customer experience, rather improving it. Digitalize and promote your shop floor sales operations and enable smart theft prevention with the Noccela EAS solution.

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)

Eliminate traditional means of merchandise security such as cabling down jackets and locking down jewelry. Noccela EAS solution makes theft prevention smarter while improving the customer experience and brand perception. The solution can determine when an item is being handled, and alert the staff on site to close the sale before the customer browses off to a competitor. This also makes it easier to suggest up-sales of related items, well before the customer’s shopping journey ends at the point of sale.

Unemploying Shoplifters traditional theft techniques:
Foil-lined bags
Cutting wire
  • Promote sales operations among the staff by learning popularity of merchandise, real-time.
  • Empower the security staff with seamless location awareness of merchandise.
  • Make security discreet and visible, improving the shopping experience for highly valuable merchandise.

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Retail Analytics

Find out which items attract the most attention and uncover hidden nuances in customers’ decision-making.

  • Predictive queue management
  • Customer behaviour data
  • Brand interest data
  • Sales forecasting

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