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Noccela’s technology

Noccela’s technology is a combination of product protection insight and location technology. The smart alarm tags and beacons, the application that converts information into alerts and easy-to-interpret data, and the cloud-based software are the result of extensive research and persistent development.

The same technical expertise is also utilized by the Customer Call Button, which improves service quality, and the Personnel Identity Badge, which enhances personnel safety.

Our Sales Boost service implements the same location technology to boost in-store promotion activity.

The Noccela system utilizes the company’s own patented technology, which is a combination of independent radio signals that don’t disrupt your WLAN service.

Our advanced technology is complemented by our hands-on expertise in the challenges and opportunities within the field of retail sales. We believe technology must equally serve all users, i.e., our clients, their personnel, and their customers. Only then is technological competence optimally used.

Cloud based service

Noccela’s cloud-based service provides you with real-time, easy to use data on everything going on in your store. Your personnel can immediately access the information via our mobile app to prevent shoplifting, improve sales or take your customer service to the next level.

When a shoplifter tries to remove an alarm tag in fitting room, your personnel is immediately notified of the event and the location. Or should a customer decide to try on the latest Tiger of Sweden jacket, the sales staff gets informed and directed by location technology to help with the purchase decision. No on-site servers are required as all data on security and sales management is stored in the cloud and made easily accessible for later use.

Automatic updates

Cybersecurity is a key part of our R&D effort. The in-store Tags are updated securely, regularly and inconspicuously. The updates require no personnel participation – we do it all for you. Our cloud service is under continuous improvement, enabling us to offer new and advanced reporting models and analytics to further improve the efficiency of our customers’ business.

Retail know-how is part of our product development

Understanding our customers’ challenges and the retail environment in general is a critical part of our product and service development. We are constantly collaborating with the best retail space experts and our clients to find new and better solutions. They provide us with experience based insight on how the store design, sales personnel and the customers interact in the everyday environment.

This dialog has enabled a revolutionary solution, where the world’s leading indoor location technology can be applied to cut losses from shoplifting to a minimum while accelerating retail sales to a totally new level.

Noccela Beacon

Detect, in real time, where a product equipped with an alarm tag is moving in the shop.
The thief can be immediately identified.

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