First rate technology,
perfect for its purpose

Noccela’s technology

Noccela’s technology is a combination of product protection and positioning technology. The smart alarm tags and sensors, the application that converts information into alarms and easily interpretable data, and the cloud-based software are the result of extensive research and development work.

The same technical expertise is also utilised by the call button, which is used by the shop customer, and the personnel identity badge, which improves personnel safety.

We also utilise positioning technology in our Sales Boost service that enables sales promotion.

The Noccela system utilises the company’s own patented technology, which is a combination of different radio signals, so it does not interfere with the WLAN.

In addition to technology, we are also familiar with the challenges of retail sales. Our opinion is that technology must serve the users, i.e., our clients, the personnel of our clients, and the customers of our clients. Only that way technological competence can be optimally utilised.

Noccela Beacon

Detect, in real time, where a product equipped with an alarm tag is moving in the shop.
The thief can be immediately identified.

Noccela Cloud

The alarm system also includes an intelligent cloud-based application, which displays real-time information about events and the movements of people on the shop’s layout.

“What an interesting digital innovation for preventing and stopping shoplifting!
Please contact me. ”