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Noccela is a technology partner working with solution partners and IoT platforms all over the world. The Real-time Location System based on UWB technology delivers x, y, z coordinates with any requested accuracy and speed. It is easily adaptable to different environments and industrial cases such as Smart Factories, securing patients in healthcare, tracking players in sports, and retail security and analytics. Digitalization and automatization are trending in all these industries and Noccela actualizes them through IoT data.

Solution & Platform

Noccela Real-time Location System serves any kind of indoor application that requires location-aware IoT services. The solution uses Ultra-wide Band (UWB) radio technology which, when coupled with the in-house algorithms, offers the best positioning accuracy and speed in the industry.
The solution employs a cloud-supported positioning engine, to where the Noccela tracking devices send the positioning coordinates via Noccela beacons. The positioning engine performs the actual calculations, and the requested information is returned for analysis and action via third-party API.

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High-performance Ranging

High-performance Ranging is Noccela’s own paradigm of positioning within UWB radio technology, making us the only company that globally delivers its unique performance. Some of the major benefits of HPR include large area coverage per beacon, high battery life, unlimited number of tracking devices, and high accuracy. The underlying UWB technology itself is robust, reliable, and safe to be used in real-time tracking of assets and people.

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