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Smart Analytics

Location data can be leveraged as analytical data for many uses such as sports and wellbeing, in which Noccela has great expertise. The basic data such as positions, associated time stamps, proximity measurements, distances and speeds and can be used to determine performance and even health information of the tracked. Such data can be collected in real-time without having to subject to test phases. Then the solution can be part of the activity and continuous, without any extra effort.


Monitor and analyze the performance of an individual or a team with Noccela’s real-time tracking solution and plan the winning strategy accordingly. The positioning data can provide strategic and practical views to coaches on the performance of the teams. They can monitor individual characteristics such as speed, distance travelled, acceleration etc.
Not only for team games, the solution also fulfils the tracking needs of races, such as horse races, where accuracy and speed are a critical information that Noccela can deliver effortlessly.

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Animal monitoring and livestock management

From monitoring feeding to detecting behavioral changes, our technology enables tending to more animals with less staff. Time spent inside stalls or outdoors, miles travelled and other facts can be easily obtained and further proven to customers. Different scenarios can be deployed for instance livestock or thoroughbred training.

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