Indoor and outdoor positioning of horses

The story of a horse stable moving towards a digitalized environment, from the feeding of the horses to monitoring the activeness of the horses outdoors on a daily basis via a real-time location technology platform.


  • Positioning in real-time providing x, y, and z coordinates
  • Distances traveled outdoors
  • Speed indoors together with positioning data
  • Acceleration indoors together with positioning data
  • Time spent in the stalls


Outdoor area 7000 sqm

  • 25 beacons
  • Accuracy of 25cm
  • One beacon covering 280 sqm

Indoor area 1500 sqm

  • 12 beacons
  • Accuracy 3cm-10cm
  • One beacon covering 125 sqm


  • More effective time management when horse tracking can be done automatically by using cutting-edge RTLS technology.
  • The ability to monitor the health of the horses on a new level, as each horse is tracked separately, e.g. time spent in the stalls and other behavioral changes can be detected early on.
  • Current inaccurate speedometers have been replaced with accurate,  cost-effective, and versatile technology based on the Noccela solution.


Noccela solution called HPR (High-Performance Ranging) is the newest technology providing features from two already known technologies, TDoA (Time Difference of Arrival) and TWR (Two Way Ranging). HPR is using patented technology to provide the ability to use TWR-based tags with almost limitless capacity. HPR is also known and appreciated for its capability to provide the largest coverage for beacons, meaning fewer beacons, fewer cables, and fewer devices to install.
The HPR technology works so that in areas, in this case outdoors, where accuracy does not need to be measured in centimeters, one can install fewer beacons than in areas, in this case indoors, where the accuracy is required in centimeters for objects moving at high speed (60km/h).
Overall, the solution works with cloud supported engine, whereas the tags are sending the positioning information of x, y, and z to beacons, which send the information to the cloud, where the actual calculation is happening and restored for analysis and reports via third-party API.


Altogether the whole experience, from the offer phase to installation and use, has been smooth and
reliable. Technology itself has been proven to work under harsh conditions such as only Finnish winter can offer.

Mikko Jalonen, CEO of Fidera.

This has been really interesting and eye-opening  experience of the cutting-edge technology’s capabilities  to enhance processes and bring value to business. We believe this kind of a technological solution is the  future for so many industries when moving towards  industry 4.0. We believe we will be able to deepen our  understanding of horses’ behavior on a new level, and  allow them even better living conditions. For the riders,  the ability to monitor their routes and speed with fact-  based technology offers better possibilities to improve  and progress.

Project Manager of Harjun  Oppimiskeskus, Juliska Storskrubb


Harju Learning Center Ltd is developing an Equine Education and Research center. The project will identify and acquire measurement and monitoring innovations for the operating environment of the Education and Research Center, which will help produce new information for the equine industry.
The systems focus on monitoring and developing the horses´ performance and well-being and provide new comprehensive information on the status and functioning of horses in a species-specific habitat. The information produced is widely used in the research and development of equestrian sport. Open data is shared with a new kind of information management system for different parties.
All the activities of the Education and Research Center have a significant impact on the total number of horses and the development of the vitality of the equine sector in Finland.

Fidera was founded in 2013. Fidera is a Finnish technology company that has developed an IoT analytics service that has been used in many different industries.
They make it possible to gather data and analyze it combining various different sensor- and video-analytics tools in an innovative and cost-efficient way. Fidera’s service is excellent for anything where there is a need to monitor and track people, cargo, things, animals, services, or stages of the supply chain in real-time, to increase performance in production processes or to fulfill a need for information.
Fidera’s services are being used in international fast food chains, the biggest construction companies in Finland, large stores, national hotel chains, and also in small locations where security services are needed.

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