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Smart Factory
operatons in wood processing factory

World’s largest digitalization of wood processing factory

Noccela UWB RTLS solution was offered for enhancing factory automation. The two main services the solution offers are digitalizing operational information and providing data for analytics for the sole benefit of improving operational efficiency of the manufacturing floor. Digitalizing stock information leads the customer save time and costs whilst the analytics data provides the customer the ability to make fact-based decisions to optimize resources. Read more
UWB warehouse logistic center

Logistics and Warehouse Management

Noccela UWB RTLS solution was offered to optimize warehouse operations based on RTLS based facts. The two main services the solution offers are real-time visibility of moving vehicles and pallets, and data for analysing the palette routes and that contribute to lead times. Real-time visibility of assets helps the researchers to identify improvement points of the operations and the analytics data enables fact-based optimization of the warehouse layout. Read more
UWB-safety-in-factories. Forklift moving a palet of IPA.

Safety management around forkifts

Noccela UWB RTLS solution was offered for forklift collision avoidance and for ensuring safety around dangerous utilities. The main services the solution offers in this use case are peer to peer proximity measurements of tracking devices and detection of devices under predefined zones. Both serve the purpose of occupational safety with safety warnings to

  • forklift operators
  • personnel too close to dangerous utilities
  • lone-worker detection
  • restricted entries to dangerous zones.
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