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Noccela technology visited Qorvo® grand opening event

The event addressed the growing demand for UWB, around which Noccela continues to develop digital twin solutions.

End of March, Qorvo®, a leading provider of innovative RF solutions expanded its presence in Europe (France) with an additional workforce in marketing, applications, system engineering, software, and emerging UWB location and communication standards. The inauguration event’s participants were regional politicians, academic professionals, the press, employees of the company, and the special guest; Noccela Technology.

Photo credit: Qorvo Technical Marketing team

The event premises were enabled with the Noccela UWB radio connectivity to track Noccela ID badge tags that the visitors were carrying during the event. This setup was used to demonstrate the ultra-accurate positioning capability of Noccela technology that uses Qorvo’s UWB radio integrated circuit; DW1000. The visitors got quite excited by the firsthand experience of the technology that Qorvo has been talking about all along. The demonstration of indoor navigation was just the tip of the UWB applications iceberg. According to Eric Creviston, the President of Qorvo Mobile Products, the new recruits in France will be working on advanced applications such as mobile, AR/VR, indoor navigation, radar, and security.

UWB radio mobile setup. Photo credit: Qorvo Technical Marketing team

UWB for Industrial IoT (Digital twin)

The synergistic cooperation between Noccela and Qorvo has led Noccela to satisfy many leading OEM customers who sought industrial digital twin solutions. Noccela has proven the versatility of UWB radio technology by expanding its solutions from real-time location tracking applications to Industrial IoT where many other types of data are transferred through UWB radio with competitively low latency. For example, Noccela radio networks are also used to transfer heavy machinery health data in real-time speed.

As the market grows, Noccela is further motivated to fulfill various digital twin requirements with the next-generation product releases that align with Qorvo’s innovation roadmap. UWB technology will continue to amuse the users with its simplicity, convenience, security, and cost-effectiveness.

About Qorvo (Copied from Qorvo newsroom )

Qorvo (Nasdaq: QRVO) makes a better world possible by providing innovative RF solutions at the center of connectivity. We combine product and technology leadership, systems-level expertise and global manufacturing scale to quickly solve our customers’ most complex technical challenges. Qorvo serves diverse high-growth segments of large global markets, including advanced wireless devices, wired and wireless networks and defense radar and communications. We also leverage our unique competitive strengths to advance 5G networks, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and other emerging applications that expand the global framework interconnecting people, places and things. Visit to learn how Qorvo connects the world

Qorvo is a registered trademark of Qorvo, Inc. in the U.S. and in other countries.

About Noccela

Noccela has a highly skilled team of professionals who provide their customers with a top of the market indoor positioning technology. Different kinds of solutions can be built with the help of this technology. Noccela offers the markets the unique proprietary technology High-Performance Ranging (HPR), based on UWB. Some of the major benefits of HPR are the centimeter-level accuracy, the market’s best beacon coverage, and the least interference with other technologies and external factors. The competitive edge from the financial point of view is best seen in cases where there is a large area with a lot of assets to be digitalized.

Noccela is located in Turku Finland, with solution partners worldwide.

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