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Noccela transitioned to Google Services!

We are thrilled to share a groundbreaking development straight from the heart of Noccela. In line with our unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence, we are excited to announce a pivotal step that is poised to reshape our technological landscape.

Noccela’s Cloud Journey to Google Services

Last November signified a remarkable milestone in Noccela’s evolution as we embarked on the migration of our cloud infrastructure to Google and its suite of services. This strategic move is crafted to bring a multitude of benefits to our valued partners and customers. This transition opens doors to numerous advantages, as outlined below.

Key Advantages of the Migration

Demand-based Scalability: Experience unmatched flexibility with the ability to scale resources based on demand.

Improved Application Responsiveness: Delight in an elevated level of performance and responsiveness for your applications.

Global Reach: Enjoy increased accessibility on a global scale, ensuring a seamless experience for users worldwide.

Reliability, Security, and Service Levels: Improved reliability, robust security measures, and enhanced service levels.

Innovation and Cutting-edge Technologies: Stay at the forefront of innovation with our expanded capabilities, including machine learning, AI, and advanced data analytics tools.

Unified Application Development: Seamlessly build and deploy applications using a unified and cohesive set of tools, streamlining your development process.

Community and Ecosystem Resources: Leverage our extensive community and ecosystem resources to enhance your overall experience.

This strategic move represents our ongoing commitment to providing top-tier services and cutting-edge solutions to our community. We are confident that this migration will not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Stay tuned for further updates as we navigate this exciting journey together.

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The first UWB network enabling indoor navigation and services for smartphones has been deployed

Noccela has successfully deployed a UWB network through which smartphones can calculate their location on the centimeter level in indoor spaces.


We are looking for a skillful project manager!

Noccela Oy is an IoT technology company founded in 2014. We help our global industrial customers digitize their operations by collecting and sharing sensory data, “Linking the real world to smart digital solutions”. Our office is located in Turku. Our team consists of various experts from global sales to embedded systems, cloud services, and indoor radio technologies. We are now looking for a Project Manager to join our team and further boost our growth and foster our growing demand!