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The first UWB network enabling indoor navigation and services for smartphones has been deployed

Noccela has successfully deployed a UWB network through which smartphones can calculate their location on the centimeter level in indoor spaces.

UWB radio technology enabling location resolution of 10 centimeters or less has been used for industrial and production applications and is entering the consumer segment as compatible smartphones proliferate. A smartphone utilizing UWB can function as a car key more securely than over Bluetooth, or locate items attached with a special tag.

Noccela has now deployed the first UWB indoor network, where the smartphone can determine its own precise location based on the network signals. This enables indoor navigation that is completely anonymous, just as with GPS signals outdoors.

The implementation was finalized in connection with the release of FiRa Consortium’s 2.0 standards for UWB, paving the way for global interoperability of UWB networks and smartphones.

”Just a decade ago it was hard to imagine the paradigm shift powered by GPS that has occurred in food delivery and taxi services, to name a few. Now these everyday services demonstrate how positioning technologies can enable completely new ways of doing business.

Now these capabilities are entering the indoor space, helping deliver services and products straight to consumers, simplifying route finding and eliminating queuing.”, Noccela’s CEO Tuukka Tarkiainen comments.

The locating network developed by Noccela is already being tested by international customers for guiding passengers to the correct locations in mass transit terminals. Also, other public spaces like shopping centers, trade fairs, and sports arenas can reinvent how they interact with their customers, bringing services closer to them and triggering payment based on the precise location.

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Tuukka Tarkiainen
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Noccela transitioned to Google Services!

We are thrilled to share a groundbreaking development straight from the heart of Noccela. In line with our unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence, we are excited to announce a pivotal step that is poised to reshape our technological landscape.


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