Noccela’s patent for IoT-based EAS solution will be approved soon

Another milestone in the journey of innovation, maintaining the technological advantage in the market

We launched our groundbreaking Electronic Article Surveillance solution in 2016, with the promise of eliminating retail theft entirely for high-value products. It transformed the in-store customer experience, as article surveillance is happening in the background while items can be positioned freely without physically securing them. In effect, it is a real-time decision support system for the retail staff that alerts them to both unwanted activities and upsales opportunities beyond their visual range. With the solution, even a small number of staff is able to cover large multi-floor environments and move to the location where customers are engaging with products. This enables them to close the sale on the spot, upsell adjacent products and avoid showrooming.

“Noccela has a strategy in protecting our IPR and we have been granted several patents already. This most recent patent, especially as it is a system-level patent, is another example of the continuous innovation of our team. It proves the uniqueness and innovativeness of our solution, and our ability to develop end-to-end solutions with a product-market fit”, says Noccela’s CEO Tuukka Tarkiainen.

Today, we are proud to announce that our unique solution will receive patent no 15/571,560 (A system, method, and apparatuses for electronic article surveillance).

About Noccela

Noccela has a highly skilled team of professionals who provide their customers with a top of the market indoor positioning technology. Different kinds of solutions can be built with the help of this technology. Noccela offers the markets the unique proprietary technology High-Performance Ranging (HPR), based on UWB. Some of the major benefits of HPR are the centimeter-level accuracy, the market’s best beacon coverage, and the least interference with other technologies and external factors. The competitive edge from the financial point of view is best seen in cases where there is a large area with a lot of assets to be digitalized.

Noccela is located in Turku Finland, with solution partners worldwide.

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