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Noccela standard demo kits are now available

To experience actually working indoor positioning

Noccela Real-time Location System serves any kind of indoor application that requires location-aware IoT services. The solutions use Ultra-wide Band (UWB) radio technology which when coupled with the in-house algorithms, offers the best positioning accuracy and speed in the industry. The system employs two solutions;

Positioning of the tags

The beacons perform two-way communication with the tags, and the positioning engine that resides in the cloud performs positioning calculations based on the time-of-flight readings between the tags and the beacons. The real-time position data is returned for analysis and action via third-party API.

Untracked positioning of smartphones

The beacons broadcast signals, similar to satellite function in GPS, so the UWB-enabled smartphones can perform positioning privately on-device to navigate complex indoors. No cloud is involved. However, the device users may authorize position data sharing to enable security and public commercial services based on their real-time indoor position.

Demo kit types

*Each extension box includes mobility equipment; a WIFI adaptor, a PoE injector, and necessary regulators. The fully charged battery life of the power banks is a minimum of 8h.

**Beacon3 Pro is a dual-channel UWB anchor for simultaneous tag tracking and smartphone positioning functions.

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(article in Finnish) Kiilto is actively looking for ways to use digital solutions to produce more value and information for customers. In the ongoing IoT project, Noccela acts as a device supplier and product development partner. The common goal is to halve the time from idea to finished product.


Noccela is going to town on IIoT

Noccela exhibits at Konepaja trade fair with DNA business in Tampere next week!

High tech electronic PCB (Printed circuit board) with processor, microchips and glowing digital electronic signals. 3d illustration. UWB-embedded-world-2022

Meet us at the Embedded World Conference, 2022 in Nürnberg

To be held from June 21st to 23rd, and Noccela pays a guest visit at the Qorvo stand on the 21st and the 22nd.


Noccela keeps the operation-critical industry running

(Article in Finnish)The solution developed by the Turku-based IoT technology company Noccela Oy monitors social distance violation intervals at workplaces and collects data on contacts between individuals at workplaces. This Safety Management Solution has brought clear cost benefits to Cargotec Finland Oy’s Raisio factory.