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Noccela and Qorvo: Pioneering UWB Innovations at CES 2024

As Noccela and Qorvo Inc. continue to push the boundaries of UWB-based RTLS systems, CES 2024 serves as a platform to showcase their achievements and demonstrate the transformative potential of their collaboration. From smartphone-based indoor navigation to real-time asset tracking and touchless security solutions, Noccela’s innovative offerings are poised to reshape industries and elevate user experiences. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this technological revolution – visit booth #53509 at the Venetian and witness the future of UWB technology.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 in Las Vegas is abuzz with excitement as technology enthusiasts and industry leaders converge to witness the latest innovations shaping the future. Among the trailblazers present at the event, Noccela takes the stage as a co-exhibitor alongside Qorvo Inc., showcasing their cutting-edge developments in Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology.

At the heart of Noccela’s impressive showcase is its partnership with Qorvo Inc., a collaboration that has given rise to groundbreaking UWB-based Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS). Noccela’s hardware relies on Qorvo’s UWB radio chip, a testament to the seamless integration of their technologies. This partnership has not only propelled both companies to the forefront of innovation but has also paved the way for revolutionary applications in private indoor navigation with smartphones, real-time asset tracking, and position-based touchless security controls.

Key Offerings at CES 2024

  1. Indoor Navigation with Smartphones:
    Noccela takes indoor navigation to new heights by showcasing its smartphone-based navigation solutions. Visitors to the expo can experience firsthand how UWB technology transforms smartphones into powerful tools for navigating complex indoor environments, offering unparalleled accuracy and reliability.
  2. Real-Time Asset Tracking:
    The CES audience will witness Noccela’s prowess in real-time asset tracking, a game-changer for industries requiring precise location information. From warehouses optimizing inventory management to hospitals ensuring the efficient movement of medical equipment, Noccela’s RTLS solutions demonstrate the versatility and accuracy of UWB technology.
  3. Position-Based (Touchless) Security Solutions:
    Noccela is unveiling its state-of-the-art position-based security solutions, leveraging UWB technology to provide touchless access control and security monitoring. In an era where contactless interactions are crucial, Noccela’s solutions redefine the standards of safety and convenience.

Visit Noccela at Booth #53509

To fully grasp the impact of Noccela’s UWB-based RTLS systems, CES attendees are encouraged to visit the Noccela and Qorvo Inc. co-exhibit at booth #53509 in the Venetian. Engage with the experts, witness live demonstrations, and explore the possibilities of these groundbreaking technologies.

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