The grey market of Chanel, Dior, and Gucci

Retail theft presents a variety of problems, the most direct of which is the costs due to loss of merchandise up to 4% of the store’s turnover.

Staffing of stores is often optimized so that the staff is not able to fully monitor the activities within the store, being occupied by other tasks and meeting customers. Shoplifters exploit this by working in teams to distract the staff, usually targeting carefully selected products.

Bottom shelve with the products missing

Customer experience is disrupted

Besides costs, shoplifting impacts the customer experience negatively, as expensive items need to be fastened or locked in a cabinet, inhibiting trials. Visible theft deterrent technology brings an ambiance of mistrust that customers can perceive negatively. Stolen high-value goods end up in the grey market, disrupting the brand’s value proposition.

The problems that stores are facing

  • Losing the value of stolen items.
  • Losing the sales due to the item being available in the grey market.
  • Time lost in searching for disappeared items in store.
  • The feeling of insecurity in the store.

Noccela Perfume Protection for luxury retail

Noccela Perfume Protection was developed to address the niche in the retail security market protecting merchandise such as perfumes that are too small, or too luxurious to tag with a security tag. As the proud inventor of the world’s most advanced retail security system (UWB RTLS-based EAS), Noccela went ahead to develop an invisible security system that does not require restraining or locking down the products and interrupts the luxurious customer experience.

Stay tuned for more information on the product release to the market…

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