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Why is UWB the superior choice for precise and reliable location tracking?

UWB positioning is poised to play an increasingly vital role in revolutionizing industries ranging from logistics and healthcare to smart homes and augmented reality. Here’s why.

Unparalleled precision and accuracy in positioning

UWB’s high precision is particularly crucial in applications such as real-time tracking of assets or people in complex indoor environments, where accuracy is paramount.

UWB signals have a longer range compared to BLE

New antenna power regulations uplift UWB to a competitive radio range that is ideal for applications that require tracking objects or individuals in expansive areas, such as warehouses or large-scale industrial environments.

UWB signals can penetrate obstacles like walls and furniture more effectively, ensuring reliable positioning even in complex indoor settings.

Exceptional immunity to interference

Since UWB operates on a wide range of frequencies, it can coexist and function seamlessly alongside other wireless technologies without suffering from interference and having to compromise the accuracy and reliability of positioning data.

Significantly higher data rates compared to BLE

The data rate (up to 27Mbps) allows simultaneous tracking of an almost limitless number of objects or individuals without compromising performance.

Facilitates applications that require rapid and continuous tracking, such as sports analytics or emergency response systems.

Far more secure when dealing with sensitive data or valuable assets

Performs more robust encryption and secure ranging mechanisms, making it a preferred choice for applications where data privacy is critical.

Noccela provides an affordable and accessible solution for businesses

The technology has matured and witnessed widespread adoption, leading to decreasing costs in all aspects.

Noccela’s High-Performance Ranging (HPR) technology continually improves coverage, making it cost-competitive with BLE positioning.

Noccela offers the cheapest installation service in Europe.

The high-security measures of Noccela’s radio and data transfer enable businesses to choose a cost-effective cloud-based system, reducing capital investment in local servers drastically.

In an era where businesses readily embrace cloud-based file systems, it’s time to extend that modern advancement to the realm of IoT with reliable radio technology.

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