About us

Our refrigerators scream as they run out of food. Coffee machine prepare a mean cappuccino for us while we hurry home from work. We control lights and other electric devices with simple commands from our mobile devices. But retail stores use product surveillance from the eighties.

Today, electronic article surveillance is outdated and inefficient. Only 2% of shoplifters get caught. Better product protection can help detect thefts before they’re complete. It’s also crucial for securing future sales. If something is stolen, not only does the store lose the profit but also a potential future sale to an honest customer.

With Noccela, your surveillance and customer service match your store’s layout. You will be able to control your store from a bird’s-eye view, seeing the entire store mapped on your mobile.

Noccela is:

  • Real-time positioning information turned into alerts and understandable graphics
  • World’s first product protection solution brought to a mobile device
  • New and easy way to get rid of shoplifters and the shrinkage caused by them
  • The future of better customer service

Noccela Ltd has produced the most reliable EAS and indoor positioning system on the market. We have a guaranteed sub-50cm indoor positioning accuracy in +4000-square-metre-stores. Noccela employs 25 people, of whom 17 are engineers. We have developed our indoor positioning tech ourselves, from PCB design to Cloud.

The Noccela technology is based on:

  • Understanding what our clients really need
  • A broad network of subcontractors capable of mass-production
  • Fabulous work of former Nokia RF engineers
  • Intelligent Noccela cloud
  • Years of testing at complex pilot sites giving excellent feedback for our R&D

Investor relations

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