We here at Noccela develop new technology and
provide a service that reduces retail losses.


We can turn on our sauna with our smartphone. We can run a driverless subway line through the power of smart technology. Sensors can adjust the lighting and temperature in our home. There are but a few first examples of the opportunities brought on by the emergence of IoT technology.

Noccela develops Technology as a Service to help make brick and mortar retailers more competitive. We focus on implementing new technology to provide a service that reduces retail losses, increases sales and improves your customer journey.

Noccela’s Product Protection System is a means to practically eliminate shoplifting and cut the losses.

Current anti-theft solutions are insufficient and employ outdated technology. Thieves easily circumvent the alarm tags, producing losses that reduce the profits of shops by 2–4%. The more valuable the merchandise, the more likely thefts will occur.


We turn the sauna on with a smartphone. The metro runs without a driver with the aid of smart technology. Sensors adjust the lighting and temperature at home. There are numerous examples of opportunities brought along by digitalisation, and more keep emerging.

We here at Noccela develop new technology and provide a service that reduces retail losses.

Noccela introduces digitalisation as a means of reducing shoplifting. We do not only reduce shoplifting, but also promise to reduce losses to zero.

The current anti-theft solutions are outdated and represent a time before digitalisation. Thieves can circumvent the alarm tags. Losses reduce the profits of shops by 2–4%. When items become more valuable, also the number of thefts increases.

Our story

Our company was established in 2014. High-level technological skills shook hands with extensive and deep retail competence. Noccela arose from this combination, passion, and the ambitious goal of reducing losses to zero.The first pilot clients joined our operations already at an early stage.

Noccela is a world-class Finnish company that is striving vigorously to put its mission ‘Unemploying shoplifters’ on the map, as shoplifting is a major problem regardless of the continent.

And one more thing: we have created a system which simultaneously reduces losses to zero, improves customer service and accelerates sales.

Thank you for your interest!


Noccela is always a step ahead. We employ a wide staff of top-notch engineers and hands-on retail space specialists. Our insight into retail-related challenges is the basis for our technical development work and is an integral part of our service offering.

We have gathered a great deal of hands-on experience in reducing the number of thefts and have the figures to back it up. We use this experience daily in our continuous research and product development and keep pace with the needs and requirements of our clients. Powered by this collaboration, we ensure our ability to keep providing the best innovative solutions and stay at the forefront of the industry.

Our values


Noccela dares to offer unprecedented solutions and think completely outside the box.


The best is our benchmark. We do not compromise. Quality is our trademark.


We know that the company draws its strength from within, from its personnel. We are in this together.


We are what we promise. We only promise to deliver things that we can, and we can deliver a great many things. We are here for our clients. We solve their problems and always do our best to be able to continuously do what we are good at, develop and improve ourselves, and listen to our clients.


Tapani Talvitie

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and/or increasing my sales.