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Sensory data, UWB, and modern industrial IoT

Noccela UWB radio-based IoT is favored by industrial experts for its technological edge, and the limitless possibilities and business potentials that follow.

On the last 12th of May, DNA Oyj officially announced the partnership with Noccela claiming that the technology is a complementary solution to its IoT business strategy. What does the reputed Nordic telecommunication company envision with UWB radio? Why UWB? And most importantly why Noccela?

How Noccela revolutionize industrial IoT

Noccela solutions are based on Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology. The technology complies with IEEE IEEE 802.15.4-2011 standard and enables a precise measure of the Time of Flight of the radio signal, leading to centimeter-accurate distance and location measurement. In other words, the system can locate their UWB radio integrated mobile devices at hyper accuracy, as well as capable of reading distance measurements between the devices, which was used in launching Noccela social distancing and contact tracing solution in mission-critical industries when the COVID-19 pandemic erupted in 2020.

Today, the same distance measuring solution is extended to create dynamic danger zones around moving forklifts, moving cranes, automated guided vehicles (AGV), and high voltage test benches to warn the workers and the asset operators of the possible collision risks in real-time. The same devices are tracked by their locations hyper-precisely but effortlessly thanks to UWB, to update the existing MES, WMS, ERP, and performance dashboards with the factory’s actual digital twin data in real-time. Therefore, devices also come in other sensory capabilities such as accelerometer, and thermometer that generates and transfers actual health measurements of the heavy-duty machines in real-time.

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Future with UWB

UWB is gradually being favored and adopted by Apple and Android ecosystems. For example, Apple has implemented UWB in all products. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Ultra, Google Pixel 6, Xiaomi TVs and pods are a few more examples. The adaptation will introduce new purposes or advanced features to mobile devices such as;

Indoor location services to navigate inside buildings such as airport terminals, train stations, and museums, and to enable location-based promotions.

Advanced nearby interaction services such as seamless check-ins/access grants through virtual gates, and seamless authentication for making payments, and employee activities.

UWB adaptation is not limited to mobile devices. The low latency, location capabilities, and high data transmission promote wireless, and location-based features of VR and AR gaming. The tech is also appropriate for radar use cases such as short-range presence detection, gesture recognition, and breathing detection.

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About DNA

DNA Oyj (DNA Plc) is a Finnish telecommunications group that provides voice, data, and TV services. DNA is an expert in straightforward solutions, and the use of smart and innovative technologies. Its mission is to provide products and services that make its customers’ lives easier. Technology is just a tool. Expertise, passion, and the ability to harness technology to help and entertain – are the values of DNA.

About Noccela

Noccela has a highly skilled team of professionals who provide their customers with a top of the market indoor positioning technology. Different kinds of solutions can be built with the help of this technology. Noccela offers the markets the unique proprietary technology High-Performance Ranging (HPR), based on UWB. Some of the major benefits of HPR are the centimeter-level accuracy, the market’s best beacon coverage, and the least interference with other technologies and external factors. The competitive edge from the financial point of view is best seen in cases where there is a large area with a lot of assets to be digitalized.

Noccela is located in Turku Finland, with solution partners worldwide.

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