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Say GPS has a newfound cousin now?

A new era for digital wayfinding

Business revolution GPS brought

When GPS was first made available to the public, the application was limited to plain coordinates you could use to position yourself on the map. It has since become an inseparable underpinning of numerous businesses, from convenient taxi hailing to food delivery services. The technology has disappeared into the background but transformed the user experience.

Yet there are limitations

As building designs get more creative and massive, the demand for similar positioning and navigation indoors is rising. But can GPS help with that? Surely all of us have tried but found out that GPS signals are disrupted indoors, and the accuracy is not adequate for indoor-level application.

Ultra-wideband technology to the rescue!

The good news is that a similar radio technology exists, and it is Ultra-wideband (UWB). The technology was invented for indoor positioning and navigation with hyper accuracy down to the centimeter level.

  • The indoor services and their locations will be digitally visible in real time, opening limitless promotional opportunities.
  • Real-time resource availability information will improve the public experience, as well as crowd management
  • New convenience services will be introduced and will be demanded to improve accessibility.
  • Building services will gain a complete suite of digitalization.

Yes, but what’s new?

UWB technology will be used in a way that no clouds or local servers will be involved, making the users untrackable. More information is coming soon!

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The next wave of digitalization

As the global sourcing chains have been disrupted by Covid and the war raging in Ukraine, industrial players seek ways to secure their supply of raw materials, components, and their own production. The rising cost of transportation has turned many make-or-buy, local-or-global calculations upside down. Europe and European companies now have a momentum that nobody saw coming to localize parts of their production and move operations closer to home.


Sensory data, UWB, and modern industrial IoT

Noccela UWB radio-based IoT is favored by industrial experts for its technological edge, and the limitless possibilities and business potentials that follow.