How does it work?

The Noccela positioning technology combines four elements that work together to provide accurate indoor positioning data – in real time:

  • Smart tags
  • Beacons that analyse tag movements
  • An application that transforms information into alerts and understandable graphics
  • Smart cloud-based software

Real-time knowledge and alarms sent to your mobile via the Noccela app prevent theft and help boost sales. The smart tag reacts instantly when it’s removed from an item or when a tagged product is taken outside your store. Store personnel can take immediate action, whether someone is trying to steal the product or is just looking and might want assistance.

Products tagged with the Noccela system never sleep, and real-time positioning can be easily programmed to serve your needs.

Smart tag that acts in real time

The tags give their location with 0.5-meter accuracy and act in real time, providing precise information to your mobile. This makes Noccela-protected products almost impossible to steal. How?

To prevent burglary and to catch shoplifters, the alarms go off immediately in the tags and in all Noccela-equipped mobiles if someone tries to:

  • Break the tag
  • Cut the wire
  • Take the product to exit
  • Hide a tagged product in a foil-lined bag


When the alarm goes off, the mobile app provides these details:

  • Where the shoplifting attempt is taking place
  • What technique is being used for attempted theft
  • A time stamp (useful for CCTV)

Real-time product protection for your store

Boost sales

In addition to protecting products from theft, this new approach makes it possible to boost your sales as never before.


When a customer picks up a Noccela-tagged product, you will be notified right away. Knowing someone is interested in the product gives you the opportunity to serve them more effectively. By improving customer experience, you can increase sales.

Enable additional sales through real-time information about product movements

  • A Noccela tag can be linked to the product it is protecting to tell you where the item has travelled and how many times it has been taken to the fitting room or removed from the shelf
  • Noccela reporting and analytics enable tools used in e-commerce. Tracking product movements enables you to measure your marketing efforts and optimise your store’s layout so that products are placed where they are most likely to attract buyers

Increase sales

All in your mobile

Real-time product surveillance in your pocket. The world’s best indoor positioning system, supported by cloud-based technology, is the next big game changer in surveillance.


Unlike traditional product protection systems Noccela gives an alert right to your pocket in case of theft. Likewise for boosting your sales: Noccela points out potential customers in your store. Almost like an automatic phone call for customer service.

With Noccela, product protection and the key factors for increasing your sales are with you all the time. The Noccela app is easy to use, making real-time data available to all personnel.

  • No matter where you are, you will hear the alarm.
  • The store layout appears on the screen together with the shoplifter’s steps leading up to the attempt.
  • A red cross signals the location where the tag is being moved or removed.
  • The security guard or the sales associate who will stop the shoplifter clicks “react” so that their colleagues know who is responding.

Want to hear more about this technology?

Game-changing analytics and product placement

The Noccela technology lets you know what online retailers know. You can analyse your brick-and-mortar product data just like they do.


You can see how many times a product was taken to a fitting room or placed in a shopping cart. Did a customer select an item and then decide not to buy it? You’ll know that, too.

The art of product placement has changed. With high-performance real-time surveillance, you can now place products closer to exits instead of assuming they need to be near the sales counter. Tracking and analysing the exact movements of your products will help you optimise your store layout to maximise sales.

For example, one Noccela customer assumed the so-called prime time for one of their products was from 4 to 7 pm. Analytics indicated that the actual peak was between 1 and 3 pm. This transformed the way they sold the product.

Now you can even build a pop-up store that has surveillance! With Noccela, you don’t need walls to protect your goods from theft. Since the system is built in the air and everything is digital, it is possible to create stores with invisible walls. If protected products are taken out of pop-up store area, an alarm goes off. It’s as simple as that.

Powerful tool for increasing sales

Visible but invisible

When a new, extremely effective product protection system is brought into a store, theft attempts decrease significantly and permanently. So notifying visitors to your store about Noccela’s presence will deter shoplifters.


Reducing shrinkage and losses will make your business more profitable.

New way of thinking.

Those old alarm gates make good stands for your campaign posters and happy hour announcements, but with our system, customers only see the notification stickers telling them your store is protected by Noccela.

How does it work? The beacons, which are usually hung from the ceiling, are visible. But thanks to their modern design and reasonable size, they blend perfectly with your store’s interior.


  • Visual cues ward off potential shoplifters
  • Products protected with this high-tech solution are less likely to be stolen

The most effective retail surveillance system

Countless opportunities

We have been talking here about retail surveillance and product protection. But Noccela can help in other ways, too.


Noccela is renowned for its open-minded, creative approach to indoor positioning systems. Our multidisciplinary technology can operate in almost any environment. All you need is an idea and a pinch of creativity.

Got an idea?

Layout examples

Noccela is renowned for its open-minded, creative approach to indoor positioning systems. Our multidisciplinary technology can operate in almost any environment. All you need is an idea and a pinch of creativity.

A store of any size or shape can be protected with our real-time product protection. Installation is either done by Noccela or the customer, depending on infrastructure, power transmission and other factors.