Happy birthday to us! Today, April 11th, Noccela turns 4 years old. As we celebrate we decided to take a look on what we’ve been able to accomplish this past year.

We’ve grown exponentially. In a year, we’ve moved from prototypes of our product to piloting it with our eager customers. And we didn’t stop there – we really shifted into high gear and started mass producing our product. To be able to make all this happen, we’ve naturally also grown in terms of the number of employees we have. Earlier this year we introduced our new team members on our blog, and we’re not stopping there, as we’re looking to recruit sales and export talents to take us even further.

We’ve developed unique customer relationships. Yesterday we announced our partnership with the sporting goods retailer XXL. They first used our services to protect their products. Seeing the difference we were able to make, they’ve decided to work with us all over Finland. One of the reasons why XXL and all our other customers have been so happy with us is our ability to constantly keep evolving and making our product work better for the customer. We don’t just ship our systems out and leave it at that. Our customers are the forerunners in the retail business, and through a constant dialogue they help us see how we can keep developing our product. Thanks to them, we do not offer just product protection, but we can help you boost your sales and improve customer service – all in real time.

But don’t take it from just us! We, of course, think our product is the best there is, but others have seen how our unique product is awesome as well. In the past year, we were shortlisted in The Fraud Awards 2017 in two categories: most innovative in-store surveillance solution and most innovative in-store solution and we were the summer 2017 winner of Pitch or Freeze! -pitching competition. In the North American Fraud Awards 2018, we were shortlisted in the category of Best Newcomer. Is that not enough for you? Well, we’ve also been granted a United States patent on our product!

If that’s not an impressive year, we don’t know what is!

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