The strong growth story of Noccela, a provider of smart product protection for retailers, has inspired two new shareholders to join as active board members: the former CEO of Revenio Group and the CCO of Lindorff.

Revenio Group’s former CEO Olli-Pekka Salovaara has already led his company to multiple successes in international markets and is convinced that Noccela has all the tools to succeed. Olli-Pekka will use his expertise to assist Noccela in particular when entering the US market.

CCO of Lindorff Ltd Juho Ylinen will bring to Noccela strong business knowledge on strategy and commercial matters.

Noccela is making an impact on the market in the same way that mobile phones changed the game in the 90s, and strong in-house knowledge from former Nokia employees has been a key enabler for this success story. Noccela has already earned strong customer references through its smart product protection and Sales Boost services. The product protection offering is based on revolutionary technology and the solution has already reduced loss for clients by up to 99.5%.

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