Noccela has succeeded in recruiting the best experts and supervisors to its thriving growth path and already employs thirty people. The strong growth story and internationalization of Noccela have inspired three new business angels to join as shareholders.

US-based Olli-Pekka Salovaara has a position on the boards of several growth companies. During his career he oversaw strong growth as the CEO of Revenio Group. “I believe Noccela’s products have an excellent chance to succeed on the international market,” says Salovaara. “For my part I will be especially active in helping Noccela to open the market in the USA when that time comes.”

Juho Ylinen is the Chief Commercial Officer of Lindorff. “The story of Noccela is unique and I believe that the company has interesting opportunities to help customers in their own business. I will bring to Noccela my experience of how customers can benefit more widely from Noccela’s different services and solutions”, he says.

Sami Toivonen works as the Senior Commercial Manager of Nets’ merchant services unit. He is also co-founder of the analytics company Snoobi and the payment services company Screenway. “Noccela’s technology and deeply refined service responds to a lot of strategic challenges our customers face in their business,” Sami states. “I will bring my experience about the usage of digitalization and the benefits of using data in the commercial business.”

“We are strengthening our ownership team to ensure a strong customer understanding and a commercial know-how on all levels at our company. It has been a pleasure to see that from our strong sparring network our story has attracted investors to join us as shareholders, bringing in their experience and know-how“, Noccela’s CEO Tapani Talvitie concludes.

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