Noccela won the runner-up prize of ‘highly commended’ in the Best Newcomer category at the North American Fraud Awards in Dallas. The event gathers professionals in charge of retail risk management solutions.

The award was decided by judges who included representatives from Toys R Us and Bloomingdale’s, to name a few. Noccela marketing director Emma Peltonen represented the company at the awards.

“It’s awesome to receive an industry award this significant,” Peltonen says. “With names like Adidas and Swarovski participating in the categories, we are in excellent company.”

Noccela smart product protection tag recognizes the different techniques shoplifters typically use such as aluminium ‘booster bags’ and magnets. Besides the efficient product protection, the smart technology may also help improving customer service.

“As is the case for many other Finnish SMEs, internationalisation is an important gateway for growth. It demands considerable inputs and legwork, but when I got up on stage [to accept the award], I wanted to specifically thank our customers in Finland – without them our innovation wouldn’t have necessarily ever materialised,” elaborates Peltonen.

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