Intersport Finland Oy and Finnish growth company Noccela Oy have entered an agreement in which Intersport, Finland’s leading chain of sporting goods stores, will begin using Noccela’s product surveillance system to prevent shoplifting in two of the chain’s stores, in the Hansa shopping center in Turku and Forum shopping center in Helsinki. This agreement represents the most innovative product surveillance system on the market; the system is controlled by the internet of things, mobile device and cloud service.

Noccela’s product surveillance system will initially be tested at these two stores and a decision on whether to expand the cooperation to other stores in the chain will be made based on the results of this pilot.

The product surveillance system works like this: the staff of Intersport receives information to a mobile device if an attempt is made to shoplift products in the store’s premises. Using sensors, the system supports the store staff by informing them if, for example a product is taken into a fitting booth or if products of a particular category are moved in a store. The cloud-based software behind the system provides real-time location data, converted into alerts and user-friendly graphs. The solution also provides new opportunities to develop customer service.

”The theft protection alone was enough reason to invest in the solution provided by Noccela. In addition to theft protection, Intersport wishes to develop its store environment in many ways, and the solution offered by Noccela provides an opportunity for both purposes. Additionally, no changes to the store environment were necessary to start using the system,” says Markku Heinonen, Retail Operations Director of Intersport Finland Oy.

”We are excited that we can implement an innovative solution with the market leader in its field. Intersport is a pioneer in the fight against theft loss using new technology. Today protection solutions against theft is obsolete and simply ineffective, as only two percent of shoplifters are caught. We have strong technical knowledge of an entirely new and easy way to get rid of shoplifters and the losses they cause. At the end of the year we will tell you more because we are currently engaged in numerous negotiations on similar new cooperations in both Finland and in the international market,” says Tapani Talvitie, CEO of Noccela Oy.

For more information contact:
Tapani Talvitie, CEO, Noccela Oy, telephone +358 50 518 8466

The Intersport chain is the market leading sports retailer in Finland. It employs over 900 persons in a variety of tasks. There is a total of 55 Intersport stores in Finland.

Noccela is a Finnish growth company established in 2014. We provide the most innovative and effective solution on the market to prevent theft and promote sales. The service is based on real-time indoor locating technology. Our customers include Finnish and international retail shops and chains. Today we employ 33 people. Our solution is Finnish innovation at its best, the only one of its kind on the market.

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