How big is the alarm tag?

Noccela Smart Tags have the same weight and volume as other battery-powered tags.

Do we need new equipment to use the tags?

No. The tags are designed to be used in addition to your current security systems, so there’s no need for new equipment. The tags are very simple to add/remove – the magnetic tag stations at cash registers are all you need!

Once the tags have been removed, we highly recommend you get the tags back into circulation away as quickly as possible! Simply add the tags as you would a standard magnetic tag.

In which instances does the mobile app provide notifications?

Our smart tags provide notifications instantly when burglary and theft attempts are made, including techniques such as (but not limited to):

  • Breaking the tag
  • Cutting the wire
  • Hiding a tagged product in a foil-lined bag.

The app also provides notifications for shop personnel if products move into sales zones such as fitting rooms.

What data features do the tags track?

The tags are designed only to track the product. The tags give their location with 0.5-meter accuracy. If the alarm is triggered, the mobile app provides 3 main criteria:

Where the shoplifting attempt is taking place – A red cross signals the location where the tag is being moved or removed
Which technique is being used for the attempted theft
A time stamp which can be used in combination with CCTV footage.

The app also provides information regarding where the product has moved in-store, how many times it was removed from the shelf, and how many times it was taken to a fitting room.

Can our store’s layout remain the same?

Absolutely! Our modern and reasonably-sized beacons are attached to the ceiling and don’t interfere with the look and feel of the store.

Is the beacon installation process lengthy and intrusive?

Not at all. The installation process is very simple and can be completed overnight or during opening hours depending on your preference.

A typical installation can take less than a day. A 5000m2 store is typically installed within one day. After the beacons have been installed on the ceiling, we quickly train your staff how to respond to the notifications. Concerns about lengthy training sessions and objections from staff who struggle to learn how to use new tools are unwarranted with our system.

In today’s digital world, everyone uses mobile apps intuitively and using the Noccela app is no different.

Is the mobile app difficult to use?

The app is extremely easy to use. The interface provides an intuitive store layout map to give a real-time view of what’s happening in the store and provides a red cross signalling where the theft attempt took place. The app is the extra pair of eyes watching over shoplifters and notifying the staff of their activity. The staff can now focus on serving the (honest) customers.

The app’s notifications can also be customised depending on the type of alert so that you instantly know what’s happening and you can react faster.

What happens if the tags run out of battery – are our products safe?

Our smart tags have a battery life of 3-4 years. Our tags notify you at the point-of-sales if its battery is nearly depleted. Battery levels can also be seen in real-time from the user interface. Each tag is completely reusable

How can we get started?

Get in touch! We like to discuss each case individually with our customers so that we can ensure your quality products are protected to our high Noccela standards!


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