Shopping has evolved in the past few years tremendously. A decade ago many still viewed online stores as suspicious, payment methods seemed troublesome and shipping, especially international, was always costly and took ages.

Last year there were approximately 15 million packets and parcels delivered to Finland from China. Many of these are orders from online and mobile shops such as Wish and AliExpress. There isn’t any products you can’t order online anymore, be it clothes, food, books, electronics – you name it.

But still, people go to brick-and-mortar stores. In order to maintain profits and to compete with the vast online market, the retailer should ask, why would a customer choose to come to my store and not order the same or similar product online? What can I offer that the Internet can’t?

Customer experience is the key. What the Internet can’t give is actual face-to-face (as opposed to screen-to-screen that some online retailers may be able to offer) time with a salesperson who knows what they are talking about, can answer the customer’s questions, and can do everything they can to make sure the experience is positive.

The other crucial part of the in-store-experience is physical. Technology hasn’t, at least not yet, come up with a way for customers to physically try on, touch, smell or taste products that are sold online. Who hasn’t ordered a piece of clothing online just to find out its the wrong size? Trying it on and seeing how it fits eliminates this issue completely. Add a well-trained member of staff to compliment the look and suggest other pieces that could fit with it, and you’re on your way to having not only a sure sale but a customer who’s sure to return.

Of course, knowing how to improve on these can be difficult. Noccela’s technology can help you. When you know where your products are, you can be sure that a salesperson is there when they are needed – like when a product is being brought in front of a mirror or into a fitting room. How are you planning to improve the customer experience?

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