Loss prevention

The Noccela positioning technology combines four elements that work together to provide accurate indoor positioning data – in real time:

  • Smart tags
  • Beacons that analyse tag movements
  • An application that transforms information into alerts and understandable graphics
  • Smart cloud-based software

Real-time knowledge and alarms sent to your mobile via the Noccela app prevent theft and help boost sales. The smart tag reacts instantly when it’s removed from an item or when a tagged product is taken outside your store. Store personnel can take immediate action, whether someone is trying to steal the product or is just looking and might want assistance.

Products tagged with the Noccela system never sleep, and real-time positioning can be easily programmed to serve your needs.

Smart tag that acts in real time

The tags give their location with 0.5-meter accuracy and act in real time, providing precise information to your mobile. This makes Noccela-protected products almost impossible to steal. How?

To prevent burglary and to catch shoplifters, the alarms go off immediately in the tags and in all Noccela-equipped mobiles if someone tries to:

  • Break the tag
  • Cut the wire
  • Take the product to exit
  • Hide a tagged product in a foil-lined bag


When the alarm goes off, the mobile app provides these details:

  • Where the shoplifting attempt is taking place
  • What technique is being used for attempted theft
  • A time stamp (useful for CCTV)

Real-time product protection for your store

All in your mobile

Real-time product surveillance in your pocket. The world’s best indoor positioning system, supported by cloud-based technology, is the next big game changer in surveillance.


Unlike traditional product protection systems Noccela gives an alert right to your pocket in case of theft. Likewise for boosting your sales: Noccela points out potential customers in your store. Almost like an automatic phone call for customer service.

With Noccela, product protection and the key factors for increasing your sales are with you all the time. The Noccela app is easy to use, making real-time data available to all personnel.

  • No matter where you are, you will hear the alarm.
  • The store layout appears on the screen together with the shoplifter’s steps leading up to the attempt.
  • A red cross signals the location where the tag is being moved or removed.
  • The security guard or the sales associate who will stop the shoplifter clicks “react” so that their colleagues know who is responding.

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