Increase sales

  • Set tags to alert staff to service customers in real-time/location
  • Sales analytics and data provided based on customer’s needs
  • Reports how to react on campaign periods
  • Reports of customer behavior – improve store layout

Boost sales

In addition to protecting products from theft, this new approach makes it possible to boost your sales as never before.


When a customer picks up a Noccela-tagged product, you will be notified right away. Knowing someone is interested in the product gives you the opportunity to serve them more effectively. By improving customer experience, you can increase sales.

Enable additional sales through real-time information about product movements

  • A Noccela tag can be linked to the product it is protecting to tell you where the item has travelled and how many times it has been taken to the fitting room or removed from the shelf
  • Noccela reporting and analytics enable tools used in e-commerce. Tracking product movements enables you to measure your marketing efforts and optimise your store’s layout so that products are placed where they are most likely to attract buyers

Increase sales

Game-changing analytics and product placement

The Noccela technology lets you know what online retailers know. You can analyse your brick-and-mortar product data just like they do.


You can see how many times a product was taken to a fitting room or placed in a shopping cart. Did a customer select an item and then decide not to buy it? You’ll know that, too.

The art of product placement has changed. With high-performance real-time surveillance, you can now place products closer to exits instead of assuming they need to be near the sales counter. Tracking and analysing the exact movements of your products will help you optimise your store layout to maximise sales.

For example, one Noccela customer assumed the so-called prime time for one of their products was from 4 to 7 pm. Analytics indicated that the actual peak was between 1 and 3 pm. This transformed the way they sold the product.

Now you can even build a pop-up store that has surveillance! With Noccela, you don’t need walls to protect your goods from theft. Since the system is built in the air and everything is digital, it is possible to create stores with invisible walls. If protected products are taken out of pop-up store area, an alarm goes off. It’s as simple as that.

Powerful tool for increasing sales