Finnish companies BRANG and Noccela providing innovative tools against shoplifters

According to Finnish Commerce Federation the shrinkage from shoplifting in Finland is around 500 million euros annually. Shop owners and honest customers end up paying the cost of shoplifting.

 Debt collection knows a lot of work and shop owners are often too busy to take care of that. A common misconception is that close to nothing can be collected from shoplifters. Retailers have been frustrated about the shoplifting issues for a long time. Mikko Huhtanen – whose shop is a part of Finnish K-Kauppa retail chain – wanted to fight the issue by joining a pilot program dealing with the debt collection of shoplifting at the beginning of this year. A modern service is being used to help shop owners to tackle issues of shoplifting and ease the workload of the owners. Now more shop owners have joined the pilot program.

– At store floor we must be able to focus on selling goods and serving our customers. This co-operation is giving us the opportunity to focus on our core operations. The fact that convicted damages get executed and collected strengthens the faith to our society. We have been positively surprised about the good results, says shop owner Mikko Huhtanen.

– We were also surprised of the good results and decided to provide service to the whole retail sector in Finland. Collected funds from debt recovery proceedings are transferred to retailers’ account within 24 hours of the arrival and are allocated to the original commissions. We are also excited of the innovative solution of Noccela which efficiently helps to prevent and catch shoplifters while making reporting for police and testifying in court so much easier. Together with Noccela we are providing relief for retailers and making sure that there is justice, clarifies Arto Kallio from BRANG.

– Retail theft is a growing problem which require active solutions. Solutions from Noccela and BRANG are complementing each other. In the big picture our common goal is to prevent shoplifting events and help retailers to focus on improving the customer experience. It is great to have companies like BRANG creating new innovative services. We are working together on the retailer’s and consumer’s side, says Tapani Talvitie from Noccela Ltd.

Both Finnish companies provide turn-key solutions which are easy to deploy and suit broadly for the different branches of retail sector.

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Arto Kallio
Business director, partner
Tel. +358 50 300 4417
Tapani Talvitie
Business Development
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BRANG is a Finnish invoicing and collection agency. One of their services is a debt collection for shoplifters, which has been tailored together with shop owners. New service intervenes in the shoplifting and takes care of the debt collection for customers, from beginning to end. Service is executed so that the shop owner does not have to dedicate any resources or time on the matter.

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Noccela Ltd

For the first time in the history retailers now know exactly where their protected goods are moving in their stores. Noccela Ltd is a European growth company providing the most effective solution to prevent shoplifting. The internationally triple-awarded solution has been developed together with retail customers. It is based on new patented IoT and cloud innovations. Proven success rate of protecting the goods has been 99,5%. At the same time clever real-time sales opportunity notifications are increasing store revenues and management receives whole new insight to product level data. Customers include fore-running European and international retail chains.

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