During the end of last year, we decided it was time to grow our team to fit the needs of our fast-growing business. Our five new team members have now had some time to settle in, and we want you to meet them!

Vesa, developer, embedded systems

I have been working in information technology for over 20 years, for example with Nokia and Microsoft. I happened to come across Noccela’s job advertisement online and it caught my eye. The recruiting process was fast! I originally applied for the testing engineer job, but got recruited as a developer.

The working environment here is inspiring. Everyone has this nice go-getter attitude. Coming to work in the morning is a pleasure. It’s exciting to be on board creating something brand new and unique! Every day brings something new, a new challenge, and that keeps the mind alert.

I live on the countryside. I have a Finnhorse, and riding is our whole family’s hobby.

Pasi, onsite specialist

Here at Noccela I am in charge of installations, so I’m the guy who goes to the store to set up our beacons and so on. I’ve been working here for two weeks now, and I’ve learnt so much already. The working atmosphere feels relaxed, there’s no unnecessary standing on ceremony.

My background is in security. I worked mainly in cash-in-transits. For the past year I was searching for a new path for me and tried a couple of positions before a friend suggested that I should apply here. During the recruiting process the applicants were always kept up to speed with what was happening and when we were going to find out if we’d been hired.

I have four children, so a lot of my free time is spent with them and their hobbies. I take walks with our dog and I like hitting the gym. I am looking forward to the summer and the roads being dry – that’s when I climb on my beloved motorcycle!

Petteri, testing engineer

My job is to make sure that the products and software we create works just as specified. I’ve worked as a software tester in the past, and an old colleague who currently works here at Noccela suggested that I should apply.

I’ve now been here for four weeks. There’s been lots of exciting challenges and the product is beyond great.

There’s a lot happening in the company right now. We are growing and no two days have so far been alike! There’s a lot to learn and it’s very interesting. Noccela is a great place to work for anyone who wants to be involved in developing an excellent product.

In my spare time I like to play disc golf, golf and snooker. I also follow sports and like to watch the games, especially ice hockey.

Tuomas, purchasing manager

Basically, I buy the materials that we use. I find us new materials to work with, tender out suppliers, negotiate prices and delivery times and so on.

Before Noccela, I was working as a foreman in production. I was looking for new challenges and an opportunity to shorten my commute, and I found Noccelas job ad. The recruiting process consisted of two rounds of interviews. A day after my second interview I got the call that I was hired – and now I’m here!

The environment here is very good. There’s of course a hierarchy in place but it’s very low and it’s easy to communicate with everyone. You can really feel how everyone is invested in the business and wants to take it forward.

I have a 2-year-old daughter, so I spend most of my free time home with her. I am also studying cultural history and creative writing remotely in open universities.

Petri, sales

I have been doing everything sales-related from when I was 8 years old. It’s been my whole life.

I wanted to work for a company that actually solves a problem – not one that first creates a problem and then solves it. When I heard about Noccela and their product and researched it, I noticed that the problem is huge and that this product is really needed in the retail field.

It’s a great challenge to sell a product that’s unlike anything there’s ever been. I like changing people’s views and breaking preconceptions.

I’d describe the working atmosphere as very clear. Everyone has their own area of responsibility. There’s this shared positive optimism and it feels like everyone really believes in what we do.

When I get off work, I like to spend time with my family and I work out a lot. I run or cycle to work every day – even if it’s -20 degrees celsius!

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