Noccela acknowledged at international retail gala

Noccela won the runner-up prize of ‘highly commended’ in the Best Newcomer category at the North American Fraud Awards in Dallas. The event gathers professionals in charge of retail risk management solutions. The award was decided by judges who included representatives from Toys R Us and Bloomingdale’s, to name a few. Noccela marketing director Emma […]

Noccelalle tunnustus kansainvälisessä kaupan alan gaalassa

Suomalainen kasvuyritys Noccela sai viime yönä Suomen aikaa järjestetyssä North American Fraud Awardsissa tunnustuksen kategoriassa ”paras tulokas”. Dallasissa, Yhdysvalloissa järjestettävä gaala kerää kaupan alan turvallisuudesta vastaavan johdon yhteen ja jakaa tunnustuksia sekä yksilöille että yrityksille. Noccelan älykäs tuotesuojahälytin tunnistaa myymälävarkaiden tyypillisesti käyttämät tekniikat, kuten foliokassien ja magneetin käytön. Tehokkaan tuotesuojauksen lisäksi teknologia mahdollistaa asiakaspalvelun kehittämisen. […]

How big a deal is shoplifting?

Do you know how much the stores in Finland lose in euros every year due to shoplifting? According to Statistics Finland, last year there were 62 357 counts of petty theft – and that’s just the offences that were brought to the authorities. That equals to over 170 offences every single day! The Federation of […]

Upcoming events April-May 2018

Are you coming to one of the following events? Please do let us know and we can meet up! Retail Risk London, April 26 If you work in Loss Prevention, Audit, HR, IT, Operations, Finance, Audit & Compliance or Logistics then you cannot afford to miss the biggest and brightest risk management conference in Europe; […]

What a year we’ve had

Happy birthday to us! Today, April 11th, Noccela turns 4 years old. As we celebrate we decided to take a look on what we’ve been able to accomplish this past year. We’ve grown exponentially. In a year, we’ve moved from prototypes of our product to piloting it with our eager customers. And we didn’t stop […]

XXL protects their products with Noccela throughout Finland

XXL, the largest sports retail chain in the Nordics, has decided to expand its cooperation with Noccela, a Turku-based growth company, after reducing their shrinkage significantly with the help of Noccela’s new anti-theft alarm tags. The retail chain will be using the smart indoor positioning-based anti-theft tags in their stores nationwide. The new generation of […]

We follow products, not people

Privacy is one of the most talked about topics right now. We’ve all noticed how a Google search can alter the ads we see online, but the way data can be used to analyse us is much more complicated than that. Our customers can be at ease, though – we follow the product, not the […]

What’s the deal with RFID?

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification is a technology that can be used to identify products. It is used to individualise products and it allows following the product through the logistics chain from the manufacturer to the consumer. An RFID tag contains information about the product, much like a barcode. While barcode readers need to actually see the […]

Meet our new team members!

During the end of last year, we decided it was time to grow our team to fit the needs of our fast-growing business. Our five new team members have now had some time to settle in, and we want you to meet them! Vesa, developer, embedded systems I have been working in information technology for […]

Why should you know if a jacket is moving?

Noccela’s groundbreaking technology allows you to see in real time where the products you offer are in your store. This of course helps you make sure everything is in its right place and that no one is taking your retail items where they don’t belong – such as outside the store without the customer having […]

3 points on in-store retail technology implementation

When you start considering new retail technologies to stay competitive in the retail apparel industry, you might wonder is all the hassle involved in introducing changes to your business really worth it. Well, it certainly is. Digital in-store is even one of the themes at this year’s Paris Retail Week so I’d say that, exploring […]

What is Noccela working environment like? 10 examples

I have always said that it’s smart to learn from the mistakes of others. On the other hand, it’s also smart to learn from the success of others. Recently, I have spent a lot of time studying how to develop our working environment. One excellent example in this field is Vincit Oy, which was ranked […]

What to do with data in retail?

Data, data, data. It’s all about the data no matter which industry we are talking about. Who isn’t tired of hearing the word “data”? I know. Yet, data is the topic of this post. Data on its own isn’t very valuable. It only becomes meaningful when it’s treated in a meaningful way and one can […]

3 reasons to use indoor positioning in retail

According to one estimate, more than 80-90% of people’s time is spent indoors, which is quite a lot, right? The indoor positioning market is estimated to grow to $4.4 billion by 2019 with strong demand in retail as one. Why to use indoor positioning in retail, then? Increased engagement with customers Being there for your […]

Oh, what a month!

Last month team Noccela was on the road. First, Euroshop trade fair took place in Düsseldorf, March 5 – 9. With over 113,000 visitors and 2,368 exhibitors it was the largest Euroshop in its 50-year history. ”Finally something new in this field!” was a phrase we heard countless times and we can’t wait for the […]