When you start considering new retail technologies to stay competitive in the retail apparel industry, you might wonder is all the hassle involved in introducing changes to your business really worth it. Well, it certainly is. Digital in-store is even one of the themes at this year’s Paris Retail Week so I’d say that, exploring new in-store technologies is a trending topic.

However, you might get some objections from your store managers/finance department/loss prevention team… Whoever is involved in the potential implementation is looking at it through their lenses. Therefore, I gathered here 3 points to keep in mind when considering Noccela implementation.

1. Cost
Yes, the technology costs something but one must take into consideration not only the cost of implementation but also the cost of doing nothing. Cost of not knowing what’s happening in-store might be far greater. (Want to know how much would it cost for your store?)

2. Disruption to customers
There is no disruption to customers from installing Noccela sensors. It can be easily done during the opening hours of the store.

3. Initiatives require staff training
What if the technology doesn’t differ from the usual? Noccela tags are just like dummy tags except for being super smart. They are attached to the clothing the same way, with a pin or a wire, and removed with the very same magnet. Along comes a mobile app, which is easy to use and is of course introduced when the solution is implemented in a new location.

Next time you hesitate, just think about the positive impact the digital innovation instore will have on your business, in terms of profit

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