Hardware store K-Rauta improves customer service with Noccela

K-Rauta Skanssi is active in improving their customer experience and wants to increase the amount of important customer encounters. With the help of smart Noccela equipment the staff is now able to better focus on the diverse tasks of a retail store: a mobile app on the phone gives a notification when a customer is in need of help.

– We want to be up-to-date with our service. Noccela solution enables us to answer to our customers’ needs more efficiently than ever before. Noccela solution is like from the future. This new technology is taking us forward creating smarter retail environment. It is fun to be developing new for the improved customer service, cheers Juha Huunonen the store manager of K-Rauta Skanssi.

– We are truly excited that the creativity in retail is blooming and that are able to utilize new technology to improve customer service. Barbecue season is getting hotter but this time customers don’t get heated – at least not at K-Rauta Skanssi – since service is available by a push of a button, ponders Riku Miettinen the CEO and co-founder of Noccela.

In addition, with active customer service the management and the staff of the store will receive inclusive reports and analyses of the attractiveness of different products. This information can be utilized in for example allocating human resources, improving the selection and presentation of products and analyzing the differences between various periods of time.


More information

Riku Miettinen, CEO, Noccela Ltd, tel. +358 41 540 6666, Riku.Miettinen@noccela.fi
Juha Huunonen, Store Manager, K-Rauta Skanssi, tel. +358 2 2600 600, juha.huunonen@k-rauta.fi

K-Rauta chain is the market leader of hardware stores in Finland. It serves new builders, renovators and professionals and has the most inclusive selection of products domestically. Operating under Finnish Kesko, K-Rauta is an international operator in the hardware store industry and a part of K-Group. Group has stores in Nordics and Baltics. K-Rauta has around 140 stores in Finland alone. Kesko has globally around 1800 stores in total.

Noccela Ltd is a Finnish growth company founded in 2014. The company has developed the most innovative and effective solution for loss prevention and retail management. The solution is based on a real-time IoT technology and cloud service. Solution has been developed together with the customers from  the beginning. Customers include European and international retail chains.

Riku Miettinen is an entrepreneur and one of the co-founders of Noccela Ltd. He has been working in retail industry for over 20 years. The story of Noccela began when Riku wanted to develop new innovative ways to minimize the shrinkage in retail stores and simultaneously create tools for retail sales, customer experience and knowledge-based managing.